Myriam Narvaez -Bakery(Paragauy)

Myriam De Narvaez, a pastor’s wife from Puerto Botanico, a low-income community in Paraguay, had an idea to start abakery business, but didn’t know where to start. Through the business mentorship of KPM, Myriam was able to plan and start her bakery business in Puerto Botanico, and received a loan through KPM to purchase a commercial oven for baking bread in 2012. When I went to Puerto Botanico 7 years ago, I dreamed of owning a business and having people in that community, working together to get ahead of poverty and mediocrity. In 2009, we started to develop and sell cakes throughout the area with a goal of selling in wholesale and other businesses per order. Participating in the first Arriba Emprendedores was a miracle because I was going closer to fulfilling the dream I had. Arriba Emprendedores seminars gave us eagerness to learn to elaborate cakes because we bake our cakes in traditional form and with economic price for the buyers. With Integral Education Project, we have won in SAS of the Presidency of the Nation and the BID we were able to incorporate training for baking cakes. Mothers and young people are eager to do this because they really like our cakes. We make marble cakes, chocolate, banana, cornstarch alfajores, cheese bread and chipas (traditional Paraguayan bread). Thanks to God, we participated last year in an exhibition with the Central Government and we were very successful. We were going to purchase the industrial oven with KPM BIM Fund,  but the oven was expensive (it was Gs. 6,500,000 – around $1,500) and we decided to buy the necessary inputs for the business. And thanks to God, someone donated an industrial gas oven in the following week. God is faithful. We are very grateful. We know that our youths who left the Lord will return to the Him and become the heads of our company, Confiteria and Panaderia. Meanwhile, we will do all we can do to build and make something beautiful for God. Thank you for everything.
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